When we embarked on the journey of creating materials for our Immersive Reading Apps, a lot of research and thought were put into the most important aspects to consider. The project was led by an education professional, who had spent a decade in the field of teaching and material/lesson creation, before joining us.

We consequently did surveys and led focus groups with teachers, on how best to use the Apps in the classroom. Once the concept for the Materials Package was conceived, careful attention was paid to finding a truly intelligent and imaginative team to create original and educative exercises related to the collection. Aside from educators, we employed the expertise of our in-house designers, to guarantee aesthetic appeal through graphics, colours and the images we have become so well-known for.

When designing the materials, the following aspects were deemed necessary:

  • Reading Comprehension – the most basic and standard measurement in literature studies
  • Analytic Skills – the ability to interpret and think critically about what had been read
  • Creativity/Imagination – focus on students generating and developing their own original ideas
  • Experiencing Connections to the Stories – to add a more personal touch
  • iClassics Collection Images – to encourage enjoyable interaction with the Apps

We aimed for a delicate balance, to make sure all these skills were developed through the exercises, while still remaining entertaining.

Suffice to say our team is really excited and proud of how the packages have come together; the resources are available free of charge at http://iclassicscollection.com/en/resources/.