We love great literature.

The power of storytelling, like all art, is a human universal. It’s something everyone, from all cultures and creeds, responds to, and it’s this resonance that makes us human.

We fall in love with stories as much as we do with the characters contained within them, be they fictional or historical.

Sadly, in today’s liquid and transient society, wherein we are unremittingly bombarded with content and information from all angles, great storytelling and reading has become a pastime in wane.

Life is fast, and so we don’t have time for things long-winded and useless.

But at iClassics, we’re far from defeatist, nor are we pessimistic.

Change, being inevitable, must be embraced.

We celebrate, revel, and delight in the rapidity, plurality and excitement of the modern world. And that’s because we view the modern world as a story in itself, one of change, of development, of advancement.

With this aim and mentality, we decided to marry our two loves – literature and technology.

Starting our life as a print-based publisher, upon the release of the iPad, we saw a powerful potential for storytelling. From tablet to tablet, one might say!

And thus was born the iClassics Collection, a child of which we’re the proud father.

Starting with the works of Edgar Allan Poe (that macabre maverick), our creation was an instant hit, striking a chord with audiences from countries the world over.

We were delighted, of course. The collective pangs of enthrallment in our team are what generated the energy that inspired us to go on creating what we later dubbed “Immersive Entertainment Apps.”

We utilized the power of mobile devices, with the wizardly of modern programming, to artistically enhance the works of E.A. Poe with artistic illustration, animation, interactivity, FX, OST and sound effects.

Pheww! A long list! But its combination, we think, is seamless. As do our users.

In fact, so did Apple.

The Immersive Entertainment concept we developed was so innovative that Apple promoted our creation (the iPoe Collection) on the iTunes App Store.

That’s because Apple saw that we did not seek to compete with traditional reading formats, but to provide something different, a new take on literature.

Our mission was to wed our two loves (tech and lit) to inspire younger, digital-native audiences with great literature by bringing it to a medium they use on an increasing basis.

We sought (and still seek) to cast a modern light on the timeless tales of yesteryear, illuminating their relevance with a modern glare they so deserve in our immersive entertainment apps.

We’ve created (so far) a total of nine Immersive Entertainment apps that have awed, inspired, and shocked readers of all ages, as our reviews so indicate.

We’ve been lucky enough to watch our audience rediscover their favorites. And we’ve also been thrilled to witness the site of users falling in love with classic literature they hadn’t read or heard of before they discovered the iClassics Collection.

It has been a true pleasure for us to share this experience with our audience, watching them realize that the classics, despite their age, are still as fresh and limber as the day they were first penned.

We’re still growing, and learning, but our mission with our immersive entertainment apps is the same –

-to join the hands of the new and the old to create experiences that inspire and move everyone.

With masters and giants like H.P. Lovecraft, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, and others in our creative and busy hands, we have built up a collection consisting of nine Immersive Reading apps.

This is immersive entertainment, this is the

iClassics Collection