There has been extensive research showing how continuing education of the Classics is of benefit in the development of young minds. However, today we ask the question, what is the benefit of reading these tales, or anything for that matter, through the format of Immersive Reading?

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As the Edutech industry continues to thrive, and more and more educators have been contacting us about how much they love using the Apps, we couldn’t help but start to wonder….
After all, at iClassics, we have always strived to ensure the quality and entertainment value of our collection are truly exceptional. But what current research is showing, is that Immersive Reading is not just a superior form of entertainment, but that it is genuinely beneficial to reading skills.

In her dissertation, entitled The influence of an interactive reading program on adolescent students in Middle school, Bernadette L. Casey did extensive research on an interactive reading program entitled Program 180. The study was conducted with various schools, across a multitude of districts. At a time when Reading Skills can be described as ‘In Crisis’, a solution needed to be found. Students were measured through standardized tests (the ELA), before and after studying through the program. The results showed unquestionable improvement in reading skills and comprehension, across the board, by the students who were selected to participate in the program, which was in sharp contrast to those who didn’t.

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Aside from the above study, we have found a multitude of evidence of how interacting with tablets while reading:

  • Reduced boredom
  • Actually increased student engagement
  • Has been of benefit to students with dyslexia
  • Provides teachers with really revolutionary platforms to bring reading into the modern era

Are you having trouble engaging a young adult you know to read? We encourage you to give Immersive Reading a shot!

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