OUR VISION: Literature3.0

Because literature moves

Things are always in flux. And literature, to survive, must evolve and adapt. Today, people are accustomed to fluid, fleeting images, and new generations expect seamless tactility.

E-books, although innovative and important, did not meet this expectation.

That is why, here at iClassics Collection, we have been working on the development of a new concept: Literature3.0.

This concept fuses the best of literature with art, technology, illustration, animation and music.

The end result is a swirling, sensuous synthesis of different arts, all made available in an immersive and interactive product that is accessible to an increasingly tech-savvy culture-consumer.

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The iClassics


  • Worth your money; a good read by Mctitty


    I never take the time to write reviews for apps but this one was worth it. If you are contemplating on spending that $1.99, do it. If you are a lover (as myself) for Lovecraft, horror and dark things this is the perfect app. The eery music plays as you read. Each story has a playlist of ambient music playing. Where you can go to the menu and check out the O.S.T. ,and play those songs without going through the story (for people who enjoy ambient music for relaxation like me) The animation and interaction you can do with with every other page is outstanding. I wanted to give this a 4.5 but gave it 5 stars. I only say this because the app only has 3 of the stories from H.P. Lovecraft's collection. But this app is definitely worth the money. I hope they continue to app more of the stories.

  • Amazingly beautiful by brantj


    I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful this is. The animations don't interfere with the story, but add to it immensely. The background music was perfectly matched to each part of the stories. I heartily recommend this to anyone who loves his stories already, or to anyone who has been meaning to read the stories for a while but hasn't got around to it. Also: I spotted David Bowie in the background of one story. Keep your eyes peeled! ;)

  • Oscar Wilde by Madrestrong


    Loved the three tales and animations. I will use them with my students and introduce them to a wonderful writer Oscar Wilde. Can be used for young and older students on so many appropriate literary levels. Please do more classics for young adults. My older students loved Poe Classics.


  • I feared to turn the page by Klandemann


    What a wonderful idea this was. Took a second to get the flow of the ebook (which really is what this is, just enhanced, you don't lose the pleasure of reading. You HAVE to have earbuds in) but once I did, oh man. The appropriately creepy illustration coupled with tension building music and ambience made me afraid to turn the page. Scary stories somehow made scarier. Truly a great way to read Lovecraft. I think I will expand my collection of this app. I'm glad I had the opportunity to purchase this one at a reduced price for the anniversary yesterday. Thanks! Keep up the good work.



    THIS APP IS A FULLLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE!! I had a vague appreciation of Poe in high school but this has changed they way I feel about him altogether!! The art is wonderful, interactive and clever and the sound music is something I would just put on repeat and listen to by itself. Fall back in love with poe1,2,3. I have them all and thought they were well worth the cost. My girlfriend and I read them together and have a good one trading off stories. Thanks icollection. I'll buy anything you guys release with this sort of quality. Bomb job guys.