iClassics Collection


Taking some of the best works of horror master H.P. Lovecraft, iLovecraft shocked users the world over, and has slowly but surely become a cult classic, with a massive following.

iLovecraft 2

Now you can enjoy “The Colour Out of Space”, one of the most chilling stories of H.P.Lovecraft in this new interactive format of immersive reading.


Everyone loves Sherlock Holmes. And now Sir Conan Doyle’s works are even loveable with our artistic and technological treatment on the classic A Scandal in Bohemia.


Casting a modern light on the sublime works of literary legend Jack London, we have gathered  a wide selection of stories together in our most dynamic app to date.


Our adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow celebrates Washington Irving’s masterpiece, and is one of our most cinematic creations to date.

iPoe Vol.1

The works of Edgar Allan Poe kicked off the whole iClassics project, and was an instant hit, representing the birth of a new reading and entertainment format.

iPoe Vol. 2

Following the success of iPoe Vol. 1, the second app to bring E.A. Poe’s works to life, iPoe Vol.2 was an eagerly awaited app that proved to take the app market by storm on the same level.

iPoe Vol. 3

As innovative as its two predecessors, iPoe Vol.3 brings together some of the best stories of the master of the macabre, delighting fans and followers, as well as winning over new ones.


Serving as a refershing departure from the horror, terror, and mystery genres, iWilde brings together some of Oscar Wilde’s best and most charming short works.

iWilde 2: Canterville

Charming, ironic and profound, The Canterville Ghost is one of Oscar Wilde’s most famous and enduring stories. Coming out at the end of this month, this is one of our most ambitious works to date.


Bringing together Charles Dickens’ best ghost stories, iDickens is a family-friendly app, replete with shocks and chills that are somewhat more moderate than in iLondon and iPoe.

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Cthulhu Emojis

Fully Animated!


The Colour Out of Space

One of the best science fiction and terror stories of all time!

iClassics Stickers

Make your texts truly original, and stand out from the crowd!

What our users are saying…

iIrving: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
This app is seriously cool. The graphics, animation, illustrations and music are wonderful. It has been a while since I’ve read this beloved classics. I’m glad I stumbled upon this version! Thank you.

By ChristmasCorgi

iPoe vol.1
Fiendish, lush, and delightfully Gothic! Every aspect of this beautiful multi-modal experience breathes new life into Poe’s masterpieces while staying true to the Gothic aesthetic.

By LadyAidan


I love the iclassics series. So interactive and fun. I wish all ebooks were like this. I love to read with the soundtrack. It really draws you in.

By Odd Fallweather


How freaking cool! For years I’ve been hearing grim prognostication from the publishing industry about the shrinking numbers of readers, the death of the book, blah blah blah, though I personally keep finding amazing new books, (and wonderful people who love to read!) but now… with the quantum leap that these iBooks take?

I believe we need not fear for the future of reading any longer. These apps are engaging and interesting! It’s fun to figure out how each page interacts with you as you go, the music enriches the experience, enhancing the mood…I started with the iClassics bundle and I’m really enjoying it! The books are reasonably priced, visually captivating, and will make 19th century literature more accessible to young readers. Five stars!

By Rebecculous (United States)

The artwork and music beautifully enhances literary work that needs no enhancement. The Oscar Wilde story The Happy Prince brought me to tears. Worth every dime.

By The Last Wife