Our Story - Why Education?

Promote Reading
Rediscover the Magic of the Classics

iClassics was born out of authentic love for and inspiration from classical literature. When created, the desire to share our vision of these tales preceded any actual ideas of where and by whom they would be enjoyed.

As time passed, we received more and more rave reviews from Educators, about how useful our immersive reading Apps have proven to be in the classroom. Teachers have been thanking us for how animated and engaged their students become, whenever they use iClassics in the classroom.
We decided to explore this further, and entering the Education Sector seemed like the most logical next step for us.

At a time when the written word seems to be declining in popularity, a program for young adults that aims to Introduce the Classics and Promote Reading feels like a project we can proudly stand behind. Our aim is to spread our love for these authors and titles, through a genuinely unique and engaging format. We encourage you to give our Labours of Love a shot, and see your students’ faces light up.


The iClassics Team