They have found a way to attract young readers to classic literature again. Being a high school teacher, I am quite aware of the challenge of getting children, who have all become addicted to social media, to read for a long period of time. This format would definitely help me to tackle that problem in the classroom.

Texana, United States

As a classroom teacher, I am forever indebted to the efforts that the iClassics team has put forth to make literature truly come alive. The way in which we can now have technology and classics working together side-by-side is going to alter instruction for the better. The vivid images and interactive components of these works not only make older texts accessible to today’s generation, but also make it to where they actually have a DESIRE to continue reading. As an 8th grade teacher, I use Sherlock Holmes stories in my lessons, and this has made a very large impact in how my students comprehend and interact with the literature. I simply cannot wait until more of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works are readily available for my students and myself to ENJOY!

Bridge2Mars, United States

I am an English teacher and love Edgar Allen Poe’s work. But these classic short stories are very hard for (Dutch speaking) pupils to understand. They think the stories are not scary at all. This app make the stories modern and lots of fun to read! It really visualises the story and makes it easier for pupils to understand! And…if you are not a teacher or a pupil: this is a great app to learn more about the stories of Mr. Poe!

Coffeeandcream, Belgium