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The Genius of Oscar Wilde

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars – Oscar Wilde Such ironic quips is what Oscar Wilde is famous for, bringing flare and flamboyance to an otherwise subdued and strict society. He was arguably the first celebrity writer, famous for being...

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iClassics and the Rise of Immersive Entertainment

We love great literature. The power of storytelling, like all art, is a human universal. It’s something everyone, from all cultures and creeds, responds to, and it’s this resonance that makes us human. We fall in love with stories as much as we do with the characters...

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H.P. Lovecraft: His Persisting Relevance

Elusive, mysterious and dark, H.P. Lovecraft has become emblematic of all that is horrific and bleak. The deep shadow of his influence looms over generations of horror writers that have followed in his shadowy path. Indeed, having impacted the commercial giant that...

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Horror on the Wilde Side

  In Oscar Wilde’s Canterville Ghost, we encounter a horror tale like no other, one in which the tables are turned, and a British ghost is spooked and terrorized by an all too alien American expediency. Oh, how very Wilde! In this comedic horror classic, which...

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A Brief History of Horror

The pages of human history are bespattered with blood, yellowed by time, and torn by turmoil. It’s no wonder, then, that humans have developed a hardwired curiosity for what can be defined as “horrific”, given that the frosty shadow of despair and dread has loomed...

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