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Even with the best of apps, sometimes things go wrong. 

We have therefore prepared a list of common issues, and their common solutions.

Should your particular issue fail to be resolved by the suggestions below, please get in touch with us at – 


Basic Troubleshooting

Many issues are easily resolved by simply restarting your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are having problems, try this first.

 Re-download and Reinstall the Application

 If restarting doesn’t help, you may want to try re-downloading the application and installing it again. If you want to remove the application from your device first, just be aware that removing an application will delete application data for good.

Specific Issues

I don’t hear the audio of the application

Make sure the mute switch is off (above the volume buttons) and turn the volume up using the buttons.

Check that your device is capable of playing sound. Try to play any song from your music library, or use any other application that usually has audio.

 If you’re still not able to hear the audio after trying the options above, uninstall the application and reinstall it from the App Store.

I can hear the sound effects, but not the soundtrack    

Enter the App’s menu and make sure the soundtrack button is activated.

I’ve downloaded the App from the App Store, but it doesn’t work when I try to start it

Press the Home button to minimize all open apps.

 Press the Home button two times quickly to access the running background apps.

 Locate the app icon, press and hold it until you see a red minus sign on the icon.

 Press on the minus sign of the app icon to close it.

 Press the Home button and try restarting the App.

 If you are still having troubles starting the App uninstall it and reinstall it again from the App Store.

I’ve downloaded iPoe from the App Store but when I launch it I’m requested to download more data

To reduce the app size on your device, we have implemented a system that only downloads the files needed for your model of iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Downloading these additional files is free of charge as long as you do it through a Wi-Fi connection.

If the application detects that your device is connected to a mobile network, it will ask if you want download the additional content through this network or if you prefer to wait to have a Wi-Fi connection.

When I start the App it tells me that my version of iPoe is not updated.

This message may appear if the application has been restored from a backup. To solve the problem, open the App Store on your device and update the application.