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How can this be achieved?

We have a sponsorship program that allows you to link your brand to a top-quality product that has received great feedback from its users.

A sponsored iClassics is a free iClassics

How would your brand benefit? 

  • You will be linked to a good cause: allowing people to enjoy the best of literature in a fun and immersive way

  • Link your brand to education, literature, art, innovation and technology

  • Increase your presence in the digital world – high-quality app + free = lots of downloads + brand exposure

Be part of something truly amazing and revolutionary! Unite with Lit 3.0 and sponsor iClassics from just USD$10,000*

(*) depending on country size and population

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I am a teacher and I'd like to try the apps

We offer free promo codes for teachers to try our apps. We want to prove the quality of the apps as a teaching tool for high schools. iClassics wants to bring literature alive for new generations, and we need the help of the teachers’ community to make it a reality.

Please, fill this form and we’ll stay in touch: http://bit.ly/callforteachers

How to participate in the iTunes Education Program?

iTunes has central system where technology managers can create accounts for everyone in the school, define roles and permissions, manage devices, and buy and distribute content in time for the first day of class. You can find more information here.

My school has very Limited Resources. Can you help us?

Yes, We are aware not every school has enough financial resources to cover all their needs, and we want to help on this by giving free access to our apps. 

Please, fill this form and we’ll stay in touch: http://bit.ly/callforteachers