“A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” Mark Twain


We dream of a world where universal classics are within reach of anybody with modern technological mediums. Two centuries have not aged Poe’s or Wilde’s writing, and we’ve transformed these essential works into interactive experiences that resonate with modern audiences. 

The classics are frequently deselected from libraries because their titles are no longer in demand. We can´t accept this: Classics don’t belong to the past,  and we think their timeless wisdom can help us understand and improve the present.
We aim to create an impact by presenting a new – and very awesome – way to READ & ENJOY classical literature in a new format: the iClassics.


iClassics means rediscovering the classics.

Every iClassics is conceived as a complete interactive experience in the form of tales, poems and short stories. Every piece is outlined considering the role of every element – stories, illustration, animation, and music – as a little part of an audio-visual and interactive experience.

We want every student to learn with iClassics.

We believe this project has the potential to create a social impact among students in the classroom. The types of literature students are reading—and the difficulty level—matter. We have demonstrated that iClassics are an efficient way to engage children with quality literature, thus serving as a great tool for teachers and schools.

iClassics is not a finite project; it´s a new form of entertainment.

And for this reason, it can be enlarged by creating new content forever.
Get hooked on these authors who were ahead of their times, and who inspired following generations with their timeless stories!

Do you like our mission, and would like to get involved in the project? There are many ways – here are some of them :)

You can first join our Facebook Group The Morlocks SocietyWe are also looking for volunteers who help us spread the word, schools partners that would like to work with us, and also partners who’d like to contribute to the project through collaborations and sponsorship.

If you´re one of them, we’d like to hear from you! Write us at iclassics@iclassicscollection.com, and let’s make iClassics bigger and better together!