Drama, Humor, Fun


The iLondon Collection, one of our newest apps, is also one of our most dynamic, replete with drama, black humor and adventure

Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Interactive illustrations

Minute Soundtrack

Sound Effects

The iLondon Collection is the most diverse app we have yet created, including a varied range of stories penned by lit legend Jack London, including Moon Face, The Story of Keesh and The Law of Life.

Drama, black comedy and tragedy all combine to create a powerful and engrossing experience that is made all the more moving by the artistic and technological enhancements typical of iClassics Productions.

In this innovative and diverse Immersive Entertainment app, some of Jack London’s finest short works are lovingly and artistically enhanced with interaction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST.

By casting a modern glare on this virtuoso’s writing, the result is a spectacular and wholly original experience that utilizes every feature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective, flash, vibration).


Main features:

Available in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.
30 minutes of original soundtrack
23 music tracks
138 sound effects
47 illustrations – 87 animations
81 interactive elements

Extras: Biography of Jack London and sketches of illustrations by Caesar Samaniego, Aitor Prieto and David G. Fores

Jump to any page in the book with the table of contents
Memory pages: Put it down at any time and return to the same page
Easy to use interface

Fantastic. I have never read these stories or was really familiar with Jack London. I thought this would be for teens and even kids, but the stories could be too violent or adult in theme for under teen. It was pleasantly surprising in the animation and Jack London will be explored more in my world with themes I will be chewing on for the next few days. I will read more of the series for IPad.

By Amelia98 (United States)

My first experience with this type on interactive book. The Enjoyed it immensely. Was captivating and kept me engaged. Good job!

By dshif2121 (United States)

Excellent storytelling! Each story is beautifully re-created in text and animated graphics with appropriate music scores. Start a story and you can’t put it down!

By Martianmellow (United States)

Top notch! The entire series of these books is simply amazing. If there were more books like this, we would have many, many more people interested in reading the classics. Super job!

By SimplySane (United States)