Spooky, Mysterious, Dark

While not quite as terrifying as the iPoe Collection or iLovecraft, the iDickens Collection is a family-friendly app, bursting with great horror moments that hook young readers to great Dickensian literature

Languages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

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Interactive illustrations

ANOTHER EXCELLENT SPOOKY CLASSIC. 5 Stars because I adore Charles Dickens work and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve party at Dickens house in London and these stories are nice and spooky and add further to my Dickens enjoyment and experience. I think the interaction could have been a little better, but this is still good when the lights are off or low, the head phones on and of we go into the creeks of the night. As with this All the other interactive stories in this collection are excellent. I have the full collection and can not wait for more 

By Shawshiraz (United Kingdom)

Bloody Brilliant. I am a major connoisseur of the classic ghost story, and I have such a fascination for illustration that I will buy even the most badly written book if a particular artist has done the cover art. This is like a dream come true.

By Rose wells (United States)

A delight. I have all the iClassics, and eagerly anticipate each update or new edition. The illustrations and interactive features add a wonderful depth to these beloved classics.

By Cynkee (United States)