iClassics is more than an e-book, it´s Literature 3.0

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Emerging technologies allowed new reading experiences. There was then a surge in books adapted to a digital format, many attempting to be interactive and immersive. A literary revolution seemed to be on the horizon.

However, many of them were fleeting fads, or else wholly unsuccessful. But iClassics was and is different, and is being recognized for it.

iClassics Collection saw the essence of the contemporary in the great classics, and celebrated this by augmenting them with beautiful illustrations, graphics, original music compositions and interactive elements, breathing life into cherished and timeless tales.

And now the success of iClassics, and its mission, is being recognized, as Mercy Pilkington, from the Good-E-Reader blog, points out.

Click here to read what she has to say.

iClassics is a trendsetter in an exciting and groundbreaking literary movement: Literature 3.0.

What’s around the corner?

The iLondon Collection


Exciting times are in store for iClassics Collection. Very, very soon (a few days) the iLondon Collection will be released.

This date was chosen to coincide with the centenary of Jack London’s death.

Humor, emotion and adventure all fuse to form an immersive experience of Jack London’s work.

View a teaser here.

Sleepy Hollow


It would be unacceptable for iClassics Collection to not release a Halloween special. And indeed we are, with the classic American horror tale, Sleepy Hollow.

We have been very ambitious with this one, so get ready – it will blow your head off 😉

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