User Manual

The following will explain how the Control Panel works in 5 STEPS



  • For a student to be able to use the Apps, they must be assigned a license. These can be managed in the section “LICENSES”. Here is the table of prices:


  • The licenses can be purchased privately or you can invite your school to be the one who acquires them (See POINT 4 to find out how to invite a school student)



  • The first step to being able to add students is to create the GROUP in which they are going to be and then enter their information and assign them to the proper GROUP.
  • In the section entitled “STUDENTS”, click on the “EDIT” button, which can be found next to “GROUPS”.


  • Then click on the “CREATE GROUP” button


  • Once you have entered the section, you can name the class and choose the Apps that would like that class to. All of this information can be edited at any time.


  • Once the group is created, you can add students to it. To do this, click on the “ADD” button found next to¬†“STUDENTS”.


  • Once you have entered, you can choose the “GROUP” to which the student belongs, and enter their name and email address. Click on “SAVE” to complete the process. (This information can be edited at a later time).


  • Upon going back to the “STUDENTS” section, a new student profile like this will be there:


  • Now you’ll be able to use the “OPTIONS” button in order to manage any actions related to that student.


  • If you click on “OPTIONS – SEND INVITATION”, you will assign a license to this student. An email will automatically be sent to the student with the “STUDENT CODE”, along with Installation Instructions. Their status on the list will show as “SENT”.


  • The “OPTIONS – SEND A PDF INVITATION” alternative generates a document with the student’s code, which is printable and can be given to the student (in the case there is no email address available).
  • If you choose “OPTIONS – EDIT”, it is possible to edit the student’s profile: name, email, change their group and profile picture.


  • To delete a student’s profile, choose “OPTION – DELETE”


  • The “OPTION – RENEW” alternative can be used to extend an expired license (this uses one of the available licenses in your account).



  • The Apps can be downloaded in the “READINGS” section.


  • All the resource packages are available for download in the “ACTIVITIES”, with both the Student Books and the Answer Keys (in PDF format).



  • It is possible to edit your details in the “PROFILE” at any time. In addition, a profile photo can be uploaded if desired.
  • This is also where you take the step of linking the profile to a “SCHOOL”.


  1. If the school is already registered in the Dashboard. In this case, click on the “JOIN A SCHOOL” button and choose a school from the list.


2. If the school is not registered, an invitation needs to be sent. Click on the “INVITE YOUR EDUCATION CENTRE” button and fill in its details. Click on “SEND” to complete the process.




  • It is possible to see the students’ Reading Progress in the section entitled “STUDENTS”, individually or otherwise depending on the filters chosen (ex: by group)